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Butterfly Farm is a small, 22-acre spiritual sanctuary for all life that either lives or journeys here.  It has been a co-creative process since 2011 when Stella Humphries and Charles Kouns (Cha'e) answered a call from the land to come and serve as stewards.


While many often wonder if it is a farm for raising butterflies, it is actually a sacred space for helping others help themselves to transform where they are in their lives. The predominant offering of the Sanctuary is personal retreats for individuals and couples, who feel called to experience deep rest and contemplation, inner healing,  a new direction in life,  a more powerful connection with themselves through nature, a vision they wish to clarify, etc.  This transformational work can be achieved on one's own or through working with its stewards, Stella and Cha'e. To learn more about personal retreats, click here. 


The Sanctuary is also a space for workshops, offered by its stewards or visiting guests who have wisdom to share.  To learn more about upcoming workshops, click here. It is also a space of nourishment for those groups and organizations who may gather here from time to time to envision their future, to celebrate their work together, or to further build their community.


For its stewards, Stella and Cha'e, Butterfly Farm is a place of wildness and nourishment that feeds their hearts and souls and teaches them the natural ways through all of the many glorious manifestations of nature. As stewards, they work in partnership with the land to re-learn the natural ways to bring forth growth, healing and possibility for all life - plant, animal, rock or human.


We welcome any inquiry into our journey, our growth or to explore what might be possible for you.  To connect with us, click here.

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