$150 per night

Celesterra is now available one week out of every month for 3 to 6-night personal retreats as well as being available for daytime retreats (subject to availability). Situated between 3 tulip poplars, it floats between earth and sky about 15 feet off of the ground.


Built by the crew of the television show Treehouse Masters, it is a beautiful, serene sacred space that is cozy, warm and inviting. At about 300 square feet, it features a beautiful living area with wood stove and leather club chairs, a dining table, fully stocked kitchenette and a bathroom with a compost toilet.


It has no running water, but glorious spring water is supplied for drinking, washing dishes and cleaning hands. A beautiful shower is available in the main house (about a two minute walk). It also features a large front deck with fabulous views of the mountains.


The bedroom is located in a loft above the kitchen area. It is accessed by a 9-foot ladder. If you have physical limitations, that might prove difficult for you, please let us know. We have included a couple of photos in the slideshow to the right.


This is a wonderfully quiet space that enhances your meditations, reflections and relaxation. There is an interview process and only serious intentions to do deep personal work will be considered.

Canton, North Carolina |  |  828.648.0754  

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