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$145 per night

Please Note: Due to the current pandemic, we are only offering Celesterra  for retreats.

Celesterra is a spiritual retreat treehouse for 1 to 2 people seeking deep rest and contemplation, healing from grief, desiring new direction in life, holding a vision they wish to express, etc.,


Situated between 3 tulip poplars, it floats between earth and sky about 15 feet off of the ground. Built by the wonderful crew of the television show Treehouse Masters, it is a beautiful, serene sacred space that is cozy, warm and inviting. At about 300 square feet, it features a beautiful living area with wood stove and leather club chairs, a dining table, fully stocked kitchenette and a bathroom with a compost toilet.


It has no running water, but glorious spring water is supplied for drinking, washing dishes and cleaning hands. A beautiful shower is available in the main house (about a two minute walk). It also features a large front deck with fabulous views of the mountains.


The bedroom is located in a loft above the kitchen area. It is accessed by a 9-foot ladder. If you have physical limitations, that might prove difficult for you, please let us know. We have included a couple of photos in the slideshow to the right.


This is a wonderfully quiet space that enhances your meditations, reflections and relaxation. There is an interview process and only serious intentions to do deep personal work will be considered. To apply, click on the reserve button to the right or send us a message.


We look forward to hosting your retreat soon!

"I will be forever grateful for staying in Celesterra. Being here has brought me back to my spiritual roots. The themes of my intention and being present have fully resounded to every limb of my being. This space you have created is truly amazing."

Logan, Milwaukee, WI

Celesterra is rated with 5-stars on Airbnb.

"Where do I even start? Thank you a thousand times for making this place what it is. I now know I am not alone and there are people like you who understand the truth of why we were put on this beautiful earth. From the bottom of my heart, I love you."

Paola, Westin, FL

"Thank you so very much for this peaceful haven.  Celesterra is so inviting and lovely and wraps me in warmth and comfort. I love the caterpillars on the bottom of the stair railing and the butterflies at the top of the stairs..symbolizing that a transformation within these rustic joyful walls can and will happen, if we are still,  and listen to our hearts and souls."

                                           Cheri, Milwaukee, WI

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