2016 - On January 29, Treehouse Masters television will feature our newest addition -  a marvelous 237 sq. ft treehouse named Celesterra. It will aire on the Animal Planet network on cable television.  Soon it will become the first of our buildings for those who are working to transform the world, to come and rest.  Built in just 7 days by Nelson Treehouse and Supply and its crew of amazing carpenters, the treehouse features a main room, bathroom, kitchen and loft. It is amazing!


Celesterra's name derives from a combination of celestial and terra, as it sits about 12 feet in the air suspended between the heavens and the earth. Our intention for this coccooning space is that those who stay at the farm will find deep peace and a sense of clarity, helping them to rest, heal, rejuvenate and/or create new energy for their lives.


Celesterra's living room is filled with antique windows, stain glass, a wood stove, 100 year old heart pine in the floor and ceiling and dramatic views of the great Smoky Mountains. It offers a large deck for sitting and writing, reading, meditating or just watching nature evolve. There is a small bathroom with a composting toilet, a cute kitchenette and an upstairs loft with a queen size bed and a meditation area.

(Left and Above), Treehouse Master, Pete Nelson, drawing up the plans for Celesterra. They took him less than three hours to complete. (Below) The amazing crew who made this happen!

The Farmhouse is nearing completion and will be a combination meeting and sleeping space (CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS OF THE BUILD). For now it also houses Stella and Charlie, however, in the future, the main purpose will be for holding transformational workshops, events, group meetings, and community get togethers. There will be one to two bedrooms for guests to stay in overnight and a full basement for holding all of our meeting equipment as well as a laundry. 

The exterior trim is made from hemlock, milled from dead hemlocks on the property, and featuring an old board and batten finish. As the wooly adelgid has decimated the forests of the Great Smoky Mountains, our property has not escaped and 48 sixty-foot or larger dead hemlocks were cut down and milled on the site.


The hemlocks are noble trees and serve an important purpose in the forest community. We want to honor their gifts and their lives by continuing to show their beauty.

The foundation, walls, stairs and patio area have been built from stone that comes off of the property. Our skilled masons have hand selected every stone and lovingly crafted them into place after sifting through a gigantic pile of stone that came from the digging of the basement,  The flooring will come from dead oak trees both from Butterfly Farm as well as from a property that we rented. .

Inside, the farmhouse will have a great room for meetings and holding sacred ceremony. There will be a full kitchen and dining area. A bedroom will take the top floor with views of the mountains and the river. Click Here for Photos