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From October, 2016 to the Dec 31, 2023, Butterfly Farm Served as a small, 22-acre spiritual sanctuary for all life that either lived or journeyed there.  It was a co-creative process, beginning in 2011, when Stella Humphries and Charles Kouns (aka Cha'e) answered a call from the land to come and serve as stewards.


While many often wondered if it was a farm for raising butterflies, it was actually a sacred space for helping others help themselves to transform their lives. The predominant offering of the Sanctuary was personal retreats for individuals and couples (over 400), who felt called to experience deep rest and contemplation, inner healing,  a new direction in life,  a more powerful connection with themselves through nature, a vision they wished to clarify, etc.


The Sanctuary was also a space for workshops, offered by its stewards or visiting guests who had wisdom to share. It was also a space of nourishment for those groups and organizations who gathered from time to time to envision their future, to celebrate their work together or to further build their community.


For its stewards, Stella and Charlie, Butterfly Farm was a place of wildness and nourishment that fed their hearts and souls and taught them natural ways through all of the many glorious manifestations of nature. As stewards, they worked in partnership with the land to re-learn the natural ways in order to bring forth growth, healing and possibility for all life - plant, animal, rock or human.

November 19 was the most special day of the year at Butterfly Farm. On Nov 19, 2010, Eugenie and Cha'e purchased the land. The following year, before the house was ever been built, Chief Iron Eagle, a Nakota Sioux medicine man and lineage holder of the sacred pipe, spent a week in preparation for a co-created blessing of the land. On November 19, 2011, they conducted the blessing, creating the following intention:


November 19, 2011


It is our intention to

create a sanctuary of harmony

for the protection and nourishment of all

who live and are drawn here.


For the learning of natural ways,

For the awakening and benefit of all life.


We ask all of the loving energies and beings

in all the directions, 

and above and below this place,

to support, guide and teach us in

manifesting and growing our intention.


From that time forward, they held ceremony every November 19th. As a part of that ceremony, Stella and Cha’e opened up the intention, read it aloud to each other, and listened to how it was resonating within their lives. From year to year, they might change a word or two. But basically, it remained strongly and firmly intact. That intention is what served all of their actions and all who visited.


On November 19, 2022, they sat down again to review the intention. They looked at each other with startled faces. A very different energy had arisen. It was the energy of completion. They both knew it. The intention was complete.


For some time, they had been experiencing a calling from the sea to come and spend more time with her. It is also fair to say that they saw a time rapidly approaching when they would not be able to take care of the land physically. It had become too robust.


So from January until the end of April in the beginning of 2023, they spent every morning in meditation and silence listening for teachings from the Unknown. It began a magical time that they called “Being in the Teepee.” The teepee represented a sacred space where, as they entered each morning, they left the past outside, learning to let go of all attachments, beliefs, etc. They also did not allow the future inside, as it would have meant creating from what they already knew. Instead, within the teepee, they entered into the presence of the Present, allowing the ancestors, the spirits from the other side, the Loving Unknown to teach them.


From this joyous work, it became clear that the time to leave Butterfly Farm was approaching. After a month long vacation at the sea in September, they returned to Butterfly Farm with an inward heart of letting it go to someone else who would love it and make an offering to the world through their soul’s journey. One of the key phrases they had heard and had significant impact was, “Cocoon’s don’t last forever. It is time to fly.” We were becoming butterflies!


About the last week of October, they put the property on the market. A little over three weeks later, on November 19, 2023 (their significant anniversary date!), they had two offers arrive. By this time only four couples had seen the property and two were making offers. This was a clear message from the Universe. They closed Butterfly Farm Sanctuary on December 31, 2023. Their guests books are filled with the real magic of the experiences people had and what is written in words is also written in their cells.


On January 30 of 2024, the property closed and the sale was complete.

The other morning in a meditation of gratitude for all of the people who have been woven together over the years here at Butterfly Farm, they saw an immense fabric in the shape of a fan.  Every life that had helped build it, had taught in workshops, or participated in their own retreats were each represented as a single thread. It started with a few, but as the years went on it fanned out into so many beautiful colors. Woven together. Everyone each played their role and the effects are spreading ever wider around the world.


We are woven together. We are inseparably connected.

To connect with either or both Estreija or Cha'e, please click here.

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