EarthSeed - $99 per night

The space you will be occupying is called Earthseed. It is situated right beside a beautiful creek where days and nights can be spent listening to it flow melodiously past you. You will be staying in a large, beautiful tent that can be used throughout the year (yep, there is heat inside). Measuring 13' in diameter and more than 12' tall at the highest peak, Earthseed features a queen-size bed, chairs, small tables, lighting and space to store your gear. It is a perfect place to rest and let the sound of the water rejuvenate your heart.


EarthSeed sits upon a large deck. There is a back door to the tent that leads to a 6' X 8' rear outside deck where you can sit for hours beside the creek and enjoy watching nature, meditating, listening within or other nourishing activities. The back deck is quite private.


Across from the tent is a large picnic shelter which features, a refrigerator for storing your food, an old-timey fireplace to take any chill off and a brand new grill for cooking all of your meals. All cooking is strictly vegetarian and we request you go easy on garlic and onions so the next guests might be able to appreciate the space as well.


Finally, there is a beautifully appointed full bath available just a minute's walk from EarthSeed and the picnic shelter. This full bath offers a beautiful setting, including a walk-in shower with river stones serving as the shower floor.


Please note that we are just opening and as we have more to add to the sanctuary, bathroom will be shared with one to two others if our other space is rented. We ask that as a guest you acknowledge the need for other's privacy and act quietly so as not to interrupt reflections and rest that may be occurring.

We are sorry, but EarthSeed is not available during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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