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Soul Path Coaching and Astrology


"No matter what mental/emotional/spiritual state you may be in, a simple conversation with Stella and  Cha'e will complete your visit. They are a dynamic duo that has made this possible."

- Alexander, Highland Beach, FL

"I can truly say that this experience is one I will look back on and say, "This it where it started, the place that awakened the true purpose of why I am here. The mentorship, guidance, and example you provide is simply.... magical."

- Megan, Jacksonville Beach, FL

Running through my international careers in ecology, organizational learning and executive coaching, has been a profound search for meaning.  During particularly challenging life transitions, I turned to astrology to provide me with direction and to gain understanding of the roots of my struggles. Eventually I stepped into my mystical leanings and began studying Evolutionary Astrology. 


In my coaching practice, I can now include, if my client wishes, the transformational power of this ancient art-science as a guide to illuminate the invisible patterns of energy that underlie the form and dynamics of their life.  I view the particular energy pattern encapsulated by our natal chart, as a divine gift, whose evolutionary purpose is to guide each one of us towards healing, wisdom and ultimately to our innate wholeness. 


As a coach, I see my role as a companion to support your self-discovery, understanding and insight into the patterns of challenge and potential that, together, constitute your soul path.   It would be an honor to walk alongside you as you meet life’s challenges and explore the potential for re-balancing and empowerment that your soul has chosen to experience. 


For a consultation please contact me on stella@

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"On the fourth day of my retreat, you graciously invited me in. You shared your wisdom, your love, and your trust that I could create the life I want and need. I am beginning to feel free to create my life."

 - Susan, Washington, DC

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