We have worked hard to keep the financials as inexpensive as possible. You will see there is a registration fee, which includes one dinner (the first night) and two lunches (Fri. & Sat., a $60 value). All prepared food will be vegetarian and much of it will be organic. When you register, let us know if you have any other dietary considerations on the registration form.  



In order to enable the greatest range of access, we are charging a small Registration Fee that covers the costs of putting on the Millennial Gathering.  The first 10 people from out of town who sign up will be housed either at Butterfly Farm or at our neighbor's property (affectionately called The Camp). There will be no charge for staying in these locations. These accommodations for the Millennial Gathering have been donated so that you may attend! Thank you donors. If you are local, we ask that you commute each day.  We have built the schedule to allow for commuting times.


The registration Fee also includes our first night's dinner, and Friday and Saturday lunches. These meals will be very high quality with everything being organic, vegetarian and gluten free. Just like any other day, you will be responsible for all breakfasts, and two dinners which will be either paid for by contributing to group meals (out-of-towners) or paying directly for your dinners  We can help clarify this when you register.

The Out of Towner Plan

Registration Fee:                                          

The Commuter Plan

Registration Fee:                                          



*Other meals will be your responsibility (all breakfasts and 2 dinners)

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