We love this photograph because the two butterflies are desperately clinging to one another while sitting on thistles.  This is so true for many couples.  They are deeply committed to being together yet, the "thistles" - or wounds, differences, and beliefs about themselves and each other get in the way, often leaving them hanging in mid-air grasping for the one they love. All too often the stressed tendrils to the relationship make it easy for the winds of life to further separate.


It is easy to say that being in relationship with someone else is hard, often stressful and filled with ups and downs. We believe much of that has to do with the fact that we are never taught what it really means to be in relationship and also, that there are many capacities we can develop that will greatly enhance our connection to someone else. 


We have a unique perspective about relationships that offers couples the chance to heal the wounding between them and enables them to find more authentic and caring positions from which to care for one another. 


We work with couples and we lead workshops for couples. One of the greatest opportunities lies in coming to the Sanctuary together for an intensive series of sessions that allows the land to hold the space for growth and healing to occur. 



Couple's Comments

"Well it is our last day here and we are feeling absolutely rejuvenated, connected and ready to put into practice all that we have learned. Working, creating and loving with you guys has been one of the best experiences in our relationship."

- Victoria and Chris, Marshall, NC

"What this experience has done is center us, ground us, and remind us that there are much greater things at play that we must continue to listen to, integrate, and TRUST. The mentorship, guidance, and example you provide is simply....magical."
-Meg and Austin, Jacksonville, FL