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Comments About This Special Evening (Event held January 16, 2021)

This wonderful gift of inspiring stories shared together helped fill our cups up with greater light, hope, joy and love. 

We are so grateful.

Y & J


Thanks to you and Stella for a truly lovely evening. It was a delight to share such heartwarming time together.



 I was deeply moved by the Joyful Stories session the other night; I can’t stop thinking about all the people I met and their stories about community. The word community is stuck in my head so I’d love to find out ways I could make an impact in my community; big/small.  I’m so happy my little story found a way to someone’s heart.



 it was a very special evening. I felt honored to be in that circle. I wonder if it could be a recurring event? This is a magical group to discover and grow with. 



Last night's Joyful Storytime was full of love and light  - a gathering of like minded souls ready to openly share from their hearts. Both you and Stella did a masterful job managing expectations yet allowing the group to take flight. 



What a delightful evening! Thank you for inviting me. This is a group of very special people.  Lucky that we can get together and share over the Zoom platform.



A beautiful poem emerged from the themes that were embedded in the stories told:

We KNOW how to do this.

So Everything is Possible.


Choose Abundance:

Ask an empowering question.


The community is already there!

The children bring great gifts.


Just take the first step,

Synchronicity awaits to

Create a Love Story.

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Let's begin 2021 together in JOY!  From all over the world, the news, Youtube, Instagram and a host of other sources have been filled with stories of people caring for each other, animals and the planet. 

Here Are A Few Examples! What's Yours?

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The Happy Broadcast by Mauro Gatto

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