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Life Coaching

From time to time we all need help struggling out of the situations we have gotten ourselves into. Transformation is not about becoming something that we are not, but about something that we always were born to be. 

For more than fifteen years we have been working with individuals in helping them see the beauty within themselves and to make choices to grow into that inner magnificence.

Coaching works in several ways: in person here at the Sanctuary for intensives (over the course of a week or weekend), over the phone, or we can travel to where you live to see your life as it is currently manifesting. 


We work with clients from all over the world, some who are guests, but many who have never visited. Should you feel you would like some dedicated one-on-one time, during your stay or independent of a stay, please connect with us so we can create an offering that is just right for you.

"My limited vocabulary and ability to write could never satisfy the true summary of my experience. This was a huge step in understanding my vision, and how we want to proceed in life. I have listened, learned and fallen in love with all  that is your magical space."
Austin, Jacksonville, FL

"The land, Charlie and Stella have a wonderful gift. Love and learning rather than teaching, they help you peel back the layers and look inside each one and help you have healing and well being, all while in the midst of this most beautiful place."

                         Garalynn, Winston-Salem, NC

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"I am going away as a divine daughter. That is amazing and so life-changing. Working and creating and loving with you has been one of the best experiences of my life."

                                         Victoria, Marshall, NC

"Your wisdom and above all  genuine caring has inspired me beyond words. My heart is so full of  joy and peace, just knowing you are in this world."

                                             Chris, Marshall, NC

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