An Intimate Retreat with

Now Postponed

“The deepest form of rest brings the dissolution of the sense of separate self and reveals our true nature: pure, unadulterated peace.”


Originally from England, Louise works with clients and conducts workshops in many parts of the world. This is her first workshop in the United States.

Stella's Experiences With Louise

"Upon meeting Louise Kay,  I was struck by her presence.  Words are always inadequate to describe subtle experiences  but  I was immediately embraced by her qualities balancing  inner strength, penetrating clarity, and compassion.  To my way of thinking she had clearly done her inner work to a profound level of expression.  As I began to work with Louise, her gentleness, receptivity  and her expansive connection to universal wisdom opened me in ways  I had not experienced in my three decades of spiritual seeking, practice and teaching.  


It is for these reasons that we invited Louise to Butterfly Farm, so she could share her gifts with all of you."

Stella Humphries

Founding Steward

Butterfly Farm Sanctuary


Sitting together in a field of presence, Louise invites you to open to the deepest truth of your Being, the pure stillness which lies beyond thought, emotion and experience. From this space of non-dual awareness, all that wants to be explored is gently welcomed with unconditional love.


Join Us Oct 30 - Nov 4 

at Butterfly Farm Sanctuary in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina for a retreat setting that will be intimate, with no more than 20 participants. Your days will be spent with Louise and the other participants in meetings and dialogues, silent sittings, guided meditations, meditation walks in nature and time for personal reflection. During the retreat Louise will gently and peacefully guide us into an exploration of truth focused on self-enquiry and embodied awareness. This combination facilitates the awakening of higher consciousness, the clear seeing of unconscious beliefs and patterns, and the integration of emotional trauma.


As we gently bring our attention fully present into this moment and embrace all emotions and sensations in the body without any judgment or agenda, we open to healing and begin to integrate deep-seated emotional traumas.

A Closer Look
Fri. PM Oct 30 - Wed. AM Nov 4  
20 Participants
Location: Butterfly Farm
88 Steel Bridge Rd.
Canton, NC 28716
Lodging: Lake Logan Retreat Center (1 mile south of Butterfly Farm)
Meals: The schedule allows time for breakfast and dinner to be taken off site. Lake Logan will prepare your vegetarian lunch each day (guests only). Butterfly Farm will provide healthy snacks and water, coffee and tea.
Spend a Few Minutes with Louise

"I consider Louise to be a pure channel of unconditional love. Sitting with her allows you to bring up anything that appears in the moment, without needing to hold back. You are allowed to be totally vulnerable and open. Through her soft and kind guidance, from my perspective a beautiful “Yin” (feminine) approach, you discover the actual root of the disturbing patterns and thought processes that are preventing you from living a happy life. Healing in its truest form. Everyone should be able to experience this. Highly recommended!!"

Andrea, Spain


"Louise has a gentle yet powerful energy. She has helped me immensely with integrating trauma I experienced as a child. I cannot express how grateful I am to have found her and that she offers such a valuable service to humanity. It is wonderful she is accessible to those like myself who have suffered silently for years. I am feeling at peace and very thankful to be here."

Elspeth, Australia

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