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Louise was born in Lancashire in the north-west of The UK. After graduating from university she worked as an English teacher for 15 years, and during this time began to question the deeper meaning of life. This led her to the path of spirituality, where she found a strong resonance with the teachings of non-duality. 

In her early thirties Louise felt a deep call in her heart to visit India, where she found what she had been looking for and experienced a profound spiritual awakening. Shortly afterwards, during a deep meditation, Louise was contacted by a non-physical intelligence and began channeling. She travelled around the world sharing this channeling gift for several years, and during this time experienced a deepening and integration of her initial spiritual awakening.

As Louise opened more to this truth the channeling no longer felt relevant and a new form of expression revealed itself from deep in her heart. Louise now holds group events and retreats around the world and offers Embodied Awareness private sessions both in person and on Skype.