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Dear Friend,


I am writing to you because I feel called to do so. More importantly, because I believe you will feel called to an event I want to personally invite you to attend: A Millennial Gathering.


Being a Millennial can often feel like a battle against those who came before us; a misunderstanding of who we actually are, and what we represent. This Gathering is built on the idea that we are the ‘awakeners’, the ones who were meant to plant seeds for all generations to come. If you feel that you are someone who is meant to make profound changes in this world, I know you would make a strong contribution to this event due to the work you have been putting into your own life, and the undeniable energy that exudes from you to others.


We are inviting all individuals that know there is more to be done in this world; those that know there is more to be accomplished. This event has been thoughtfully planned with intention, purpose, and a deeply ingrained desire to hold the space for you and I to co-create a new vision for what it possible in this world.


By the end of the event, we will have built a community of people who believe in a greater vision, and are able to hold the space for others to grow into their fullest potential. Not only will we have created something beautiful together, we will be enhancing the collective consciousness this world is in need of. I invite you to attend this event that will not only change your life, but has the potential of changing the world as you know it. Bring the gifts that you contain and help make a large impact on the vision we feel and know to be possible.


See you there!