If you have reached a point in your life where time alone or with a significant other or friend is what you feel is necessary, then consider scheduling a personal retreat.


This may be in the form of:



pondering a current situation

visioning what's next/creating new idea





birthing new directions


We have designed the Sanctuary as a place of peace and beauty to help support you in any or all of the above possibilities.  Our role is to help you open to your intentions.


The Sanctuary is very intimate and at no time will there be more than four people here, plus Stella, Charlie, Riga (a beautiful loving English Coonhound) and Winston (a joyously happy Treeing Walker Coonhound). Privacy and time to really look within your own heart has been thoughtfully held in the creation of Butterfly Farm.


A personal retreat can occur in three ways:


1) On Your Own


You can schedule a time to be completely on your own. Each location that you can stay in offers a complete set-up for you to sustain yourself during your stay. During this time, you will be responsible for all of your own meals.


2). A Supported Retreat


If you feel it important to have support while you are here, you can schedule times to work with either Stella or Charlie as coaches and mentors in your journey.  They have many years of experience working successfully with others and love holding space for you to create your own transformations. These times can be scheduled ahead of time, or after you meet them you may feel called to schedule something.


They can also arrange for a variety of services that can be conducted with you on the land, such as massage, reiki, etc.


3) Earth Supported 


The land at Butterfly Farm is quite special and sacred. Being in relationship with it means caring for it continuously. You might feel called to schedule a retreat where you work the land every day as well as doing personal work. In this way, you will be opening at even deeper levels to the land and its healing abilities.


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When I imagined how I wanted to spend the turning of the new year, what came to me was this: I want to wake up alone. Preferably in a treehouse. Stumbling upon Celesterra was such a stroke of luck—or destiny! The cabin was the perfect place for me to reflect, write, and dream for the year ahead. The interior is cozy and has everything I needed to nourish myself and experience real solitude. Daily rituals like carrying water from the spring and building an evening fire were grounding and comforting. And, for an every-now-and-then phone check and piping-hot daily shower, the access to the facilities in the main house was wonderful. Wandering the surrounding woodlands offered a sense of expansion and exploration, too. Charles and Stella are full of joy and love; they are caretakers in the truest sense, and genuinely want their guests to flourish in their space and beyond. I can't recommend Celesterra enough, and I can't wait to return. 

- Mailande, Durham, NC 
"This has been such a wonderful experience, I wish I could say I will recommend it to everyone, but I am not. This is a hidden treasure, a rare gem. I truly believe all who come here will be drawn here. The time spent here I will cherish forever. Words will never explain how deep and free my spirit was able to be here. The light in me honors the light in you."
-Sarah, Delray Beach, FL 
"Sometimes, the Universe leads you to places and people that are meant to transform your life. And sometimes that experience is so deep, so soul-filling and so connected , it makes it feel as though it can't be real. But it is. For us it was like coming home."
Jessica and Ryan, The World