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  • Charles Kouns

A Love Letter to Lightworkers

For the sum of your collective intentions; the continuous hours of inner work year after year; all the times you said, “I am back in this again?” the embracing of your true identity as an eternal being and the subsequent shift from mind and will to heart and intuition;

For the sum of your many hours of prayers, affirmations and chants; your generous sharing of your insights, wisdom, and revelations; all the times you have faced ridicule, cynicism, disbelief, derision, denial, been misunderstood, misrepresented, pigeon-holed, abused, and STILL listened to your inner voice and stood in your belief of a New World for all; the hours you have searched in the darkness for the direction into the Light you knew was there; your commitment to never give up – no matter how insurmountable the tasks before you seemed;

For the sum of your fierce stewardship on behalf of the natural world; your compassion, love, and endless offerings to care for others; your efforts to be a witness for change; your creative labors to bring life-giving energy into form; the opening of your hearts to new possibilities;

For the sum of your hours of listening in stillness; your willingness to stand in the fire of your own egoic extinction; your gatherings of spiritual celebration; your authentic expressions of gratitude each day;

For the sum of all of these has brought the world to this momentous hour!

Let us repeat this last phrase with even greater emphasis:

The sum of all of your acts of love and much, much more has brought the world to this momentous hour.

It is as if each of you has served as a single drop of water, bonding together collectively to bring great pressure on a monolithic concrete dam. You have gathered together and through your collective intention and ensuing choices and activities, the great dam is cracking, breaking apart.

The energy you feel now is just the beginning of that release!

So we say, Rejoice! Revel! Celebrate! Receive the new energy pouring into your being. See the role you have been playing, for it is MIGHTY!

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