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Be Peaceful

Peace is a difficult word for most humans, as it has so many different layers of meanings. Often associated with it are difficulty, striving, or despair.

These energies are attached to peace because of past experiences, traumas, failed attempts, wars, and many other experiences. It is energetically on the planet a big word with a lot of heavy energy surrounding it. In many cases, peace has become something external that a human or humans strive for rather than being experienced as an inner state of balance, harmony and nourishment.

Being peaceful is perhaps an easier word for it brings things into a more personal realm. Peace full. Full of peace. It evokes deep breath‘s, a quiet waterfall, soft breezes that are pleasant to the skin, the sounds of birds, a strong steady heartbeat. In this state, there is nothing from the exterior pushing inward. It is fullness within, where there is no room for anything else.

This is a heart-centered state of being. It does not involve the mind. In fact it gives permission to the mind to let go of all of its endeavors and become like the surface of a placid lake – a mirror for the sky, for expansiveness - for silent clouds being moved by the wind, not working to move themselves through the air. It evokes lightness for the mind and soft, gentle silence that feels restorative and open.

The invitation to be peaceful is always present and always possible. As one begins to live ever more sweetly in this state, the lives of others that surrounds them will also carry more of these qualities. For they are all connected to each other. Being peaceful is a wonderful gift you can give the world.

Nature is always offering peacefulness, a rhythm of movement with days, seasons, patterns that intoxicate and offer healing, rest, re-energizing. Even in the heaviest of storms, one can isolate the sounds, the feel of the wind, the movement of energy and enter a quiet place of joy at being so fully alive.

The rhythm of peaceful always begins with breath; with an aligning consciously with the earth’s air as it enters in and out, exchanging the exhausted, the no longer needed, the toxins, for the nourishment, the calm it brings. After each exchange, the air offers these used up energies to the earth, who digests them and through her trees releases them back into the air whole and healthy again.

The breath is the invitation, the opening of the door to breathe in earth’s life energy and live in exchange with the natural world.

Peacefulness surrounds, always asking for presence, a bringing of all of a human’s senses to the moment, and then another moment, and another, until a chain of moments have been formed and infused with harmony, delight, wonder, and stillness.

Do not strive. Just be. Notice. Sense. Release. Breathe. Open. Relax. Fill.

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