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  • Charles Kouns

Creating an Invitation into the Unknown

The Unknown, as some humans call it, can sound vast and potentially threatening. To many, it sounds like a place of Looming Destiny where their future is determined, and not by them.

Although the Unknown may generate fear and confusion, it is worthwhile to pause and ponder why. Perhaps the fear has its roots in how we collectively and culturally view this vastness—how we have been taught to hold it.

It is necessary to address this. A different understanding of the Unknown will have a catalytic effect on what you do next on your planet. Humanity is and has been in a cycle of creating from what it already knows; the purview of the conscious mind is to replicate what it knows, thus exacerbating the current issues humanity is grappling with.

Today, many humans are under the illusion that beneficial change comes from the mind, but the mind usually creates from the same energies of separation. Creating in or from the Unknown essentially means (to most humans), releasing control to transcendent energies greater than yourselves. This subjects the egoic mind to a diminished role that is deeply threatening to it. Yet within this vast, uncharted, unfamiliar dimension called the Unknown pulsates a benevolent Source of Wisdom that can lead us forward into a joyful partnership in creation.

Some people more easily embrace the Unknown and understand its laws of energy, intention, and manifestation. However, enthusiasm for a path as ineffable as this can leave others behind and create obstacles or misunderstandings that prevent others from choosing to learn and participate. Especially when a path is presented as the only path, judgment can arise on both sides, thus creating more separation.

Shouldn’t the invitation to journey into the Unknown be available to all? Perhaps a wise use of time right now, while people are more physically separated from each other, is to extend that invitation through a deeper exploration. Through connection with others’ needs, create a space for greater understanding out of which a warm, clear, and loving invitation can naturally arise.

When we sense into humanity’s flow into the future, we do this without attachments, without projecting embodied experiences from the past onto the future, and without human conditioning influencing what we see.

We can sense and see that humans are embedded in limited systems of thinking that greatly influence what is considered possible. This greatly curtails your future possibilities.

We also see the fullness of humanity, not just certain aspects. Therefore, not being bound to patterns of predictability and forecasting, etc., we can hold an infinite number of possibilities as to how humanity might flow into its future.

The Unknown then becomes an invitation to enter into a space of infinite possibility, where a great Lovingness is holding an intention for humanity to exercise its collective free will in the direction of healing and growth for all life on the planet.

Imagine a group of 20 to 30 humans are sitting in an indoor space where they are safely and carefully creating suggestions for the future direction of their community. They make many suggestions and fill many sheets of paper with their ideas. When they take stock of their ideas, they all seem flat and uninspired. None of the ideas feel nourishing or generate a collective, “Yes!” They hold a subconscious feeling that they are not providing anything fresh. Even their meeting space feels confined and stuffy. They get frustrated with the facilitator because he too is leading them from what he already knows, not from anything truly new.

Now imagine that while they have been inside getting frustrated and discouraged, many tractor trailers have pulled up outside and have dropped off hundreds of boxes, each full of new possibilities the group never considered.

Now imagine that a being—a loving presence—goes to their door and knocks. When they open it, this Loving Presence invites them outside. When they step out, they are stunned to see all the boxes—hundreds and hundreds of them in different shapes and sizes. The group’s energy totally shifts. They become curious and excited, eager to see and explore what the boxes contain. In their enthusiasm for discovering this Unknown, they leave behind their old ways of seeing and creating. Their past patterns of caution and fear no longer constrain them, now that they have engaged their innate curiosity. They trust that whatever they uncover will be for their benefit. They feel free—free to be surprised, to discover unique and unprecedented options, to choose what gives them life.

The Unknown is not so much an impenetrable mystery as it is a field of benevolent potential. There is a profound intelligence in the Universe, and it serves your best interests. This Truth has not been understood. Ponder this. Why has the Unknown seemed so fearful? Your past experiences and those of most humans have not included the profound teaching—the understanding—that to trust in and create from the Unknown brings renewal, joy, and nourishment of the heart.

Photo by Charles Kouns.

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