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  • Charles Kouns

Do Not Emulate

Note: The first part of this message woke me with a sense of urgency at 2:30 a.m. I buried my head in my pillow and said, “I’ll do it in the morning!” but phrases kept coming throughout the night. At 6:30, I began to write. Do not emulate. Let us repeat this. Please, do not emulate. Emulation is the denial of your beautiful energetic signature. It is replacing it with that of another. Can you see this? There have been many voices throughout your life that have expressed a knowing that you are less than, that you do not measure up, that if you just tried harder you would be someone. While this is not in any way true, over time the repetition and the intensity of these messages takes a toll, particularly when you are young and so impressionable or, should we say, imprintable. Also, these same voices offer up others as examples of who you should be. In effect, they are saying, in a very persuasive way, that your energetic signature is not as valuable as another’s. And if these voices weren’t enough, there are entire systems that have been created to teach you to emulate. Ponder this. They can seem so large and credible that they make you feel small and of little worth. So, from many different directions, great pressure is being exerted upon humanity to emulate, because acceptance and a confirmation of the choice to be a lesser self are lauded. It becomes easy to say to yourself, “I will emulate who they want me to.” Do you feel sadness when you hear this decision being made? Emulation is an embracing of the illusions of safety, belonging, the known, the predictable, instead of an embracing of the adventures of the Unknown, which is where you can truly meet your fullness. If you live in emulation of another or even aspects of others, it is as if you are holding up a mirror and instead of seeing yourself, you see another or aspects of others forming a composite image of “you.” You have chosen to be a copy of another, and in that choice you are walking beneath your true self and placing others above you. Emulation requires a tremendous amount of energy to maintain. To live in alignment with your true self requires that you be awake to the allure of emulation. If you could only see the inner beauty of your being, the completeness that you are, the joyfulness that your song creates, the imprint that your true presence leaves, you would choose not to emulate. You are an original! We rejoice at your presence on the planet at this time. Emulation is the denial of who you truly are. So we ask you to consider exploring within yourself whether you are expressing your true self or whether you have decided to emulate others – fully, or in part. Are there systems that have persuaded you to let go of your own inner light in favor of others’ ways of doing things? Remember, you have been trained to emulate from an early age. It has become second nature to you to watch, assess, listen for, and see where others are being “something” and you are not. So if you choose to begin a practice of this exploration, your eyes will not only be opened to the aspects of others you have chosen to adopt. They will also be opened to the magnificent aspects of you. It takes courage and persistence to shake off the old teachings, the insistent voices, the systems that seek to entrain you, but you can do this. Hold to your intention to express the full beauty of who you are. You already are the answer they are telling you to seek elsewhere. Also published at Photo by Charles Kouns

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