Creating An Invitation Into the Unknown

The Unknown, as some humans call it, makes it sound very big and potentially threatening to most humans, as if it were a vast uncharted area in space/time that seems very dark in nature and quite impenetrable. The Unknown. A place of Looming Destiny - where individuals and all of humanity collectively will have their future determined.

It is something to ponder whether the Unknown generates fear, confusion and frozenness in many. Perhaps this is not because it is so vast and uncharted, but because of the way it is presented or represented by certain humans.

This is a necessary discussion to have for it holds the possibility to move humanity out of its comfort zone of creating from what it already knows and how it continues to replicate or exacerbate the current issues on the planet. Yielding to creating in or from the Unknown essentially means (to most humans), releasing control, subjecting the egoic to a diminished role in order to allow this vast, uncharted, unfamiliar entity called the Unknown to lead them forward. Can you see this?

To some humans the Unknown is more easily understood and embraced, but this is only a small percentage of beings inhabiting bodies on the planet right now. In their enthusiasm to move forward, they can create obstacles which prevent many others from choosing to participate or join in. They can also present it as the only path to take and when others do not understand, it can lead to judgment on both sides, thus creating more separation.

Shouldn't the journey into the Unknown be an invitation for all? Perhaps it is a wise use of the time separated right now from others to seek to create that invitation through a deeper exploration into the Unknown and thus create a greater understanding and from that a warm and inviting invitation.

When we look at humanity's flow into , we do not have attachments, embodied experiences, human conditioning, shaping or influencing what we see. We do see that they are embedded into the into the human systems of thinking and thus exert great influence over human decisions. We also see the fullness of humanity, not just certain aspects. Therefore not being bound to patterns of predictability and forecasting, etc., we can hold an infinite number of possibilities as to how humanity might flow into its future.

The Unknown then becomes an invitation to enter into a space of infinite possibility, where a great Lovingness is present holding an intention for humanity to exercise its collective free will in the direction of healing and growth for all life on the planet.

Imagine a group of 20 to 30 humans are sitting within a space indoors where they are safely and carefully creating suggestions for the future direction of their community. They make many suggestions and fill many sheets of paper with their ideas. When they take stock in their ideas, they seem flat and uninspired. None of the ideas feel nourishing or generate a collective, "Yes!" The space they are in feels combined and stuffy. There is little movement of air. They hold a subconscious feeling that they are not providing anything fresh. They get frustrated with the facilitator because he too is leading them from what he knows to do.

Now imagine that while they have been inside getting frustrated and discouraged, many tractor trailers have pulled up on the outside and dropped off hundreds of boxes, each containing many new possibilities that they have not considered. The space outside their meeting room has so many boxes there is hardly space to move.

Now imagine a being - a loving presence -goes to their door and knocks. When they open it, this loving presence invites them to come outside and when they d, they are stunned to see all of the boxes, hundreds and hundreds, all in different shapes and sizes. Their energy shifts and they become curious and excited. They hold an eagerness to explore and see what is contained within them. They have forgotten their old ways of seeing and creating. Their past patterns no longer matter and have no hold over them. They feel free to discover and choose.

The Unknown is not a mystery as much as it is not seen. It is not understood because the past experience of most humans has not included teachings or understanding the create/define the Unknown.

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