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  • Charles Kouns

In the Coming Months...

Blessings Dear Ones,

We would like to speak to you of the next several months. This time is not going to be easy. All of your efforts to bring about a great shift on the planet are having a tremendous effect. But the effect also is creating pressure on those who are invested heavily in the current system and feeling vulnerable. They have begun to resist with greater energy.

This coming time will be marked by many decisions you will find confounding. Great swirls of energy will be gathering and then unleashed to try and maintain the previous way of life.

It is important that any fear you experience not become your focus. This period is a part of the process of the uplift that is occurring. Hold your intention for the new arising. This will be what best serves humanity and all life on the planet. Work in all the ways you know to let any fear go.

It is as if all of your collective efforts have created a great compression and those vested in the old patterns are reacting. This is their attempt to protect and regain the hold they once had. Let us say this again, they once had.

The events of the few past weeks as well as those to come are also demonstrating the significant amount of energy that has been pent up as a result of repeated experiences of disconnection created by the old, ingrained beliefs and patterns. They are much like a dormant volcano that can no longer be contained and their release may be quite fear-giving, but each eruption is necessary for greater healing. These may come in your own life and collectively as fractals, as they are of the same energy.

In these coming moments, the shadow energies that have been dominating will be more sharply and fully exposed. This will bring greater clarity around the energies that do not contribute to the transformation. It will help shake the foundations of those who are not yet paying attention and thus invoke in them the courage to make new, life-affirming choices for everyone that they were not able to make before.

Hold them in your prayers, for everyone is in the process of transformation. Hold all people in love and compassion and see them opening their arms to the growing light. This will be no time to judge the choices you cannot understand or accept, but instead to stand in the knowing, that they too, are divine beings who are being called to the new awakening.

In these times, continue your own journey of growth and healing. Spend time facing and releasing old patterns, beliefs and energies. Keep discovering your inner light and beauty so there is always more to share with the world. Know that what you are going through personally is occurring on many, many levels.

Consider this an invitation for the foreseeable future. Hold the vision of a new, benevolent world. Release fear. On a daily basis, affirm the intention for a collective, unified choice to shift. Stand rooted in your inner strength, even if it seems the whole world is shaking. Move softly and gently. Cherish one another. Keep building circles of compassion and love. Invite others to join. Listen to your hearts, trust your intuition.

Sow light everywhere.

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