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Love, Compassion and Understanding in 2022

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Recently Cha’e asked Source if there was a message to share with all of us for

2022. This is what he received:

Dear Ones,

You ask what 2022 will be like? We ask you in return (smiling), what will you choose to create? Your question holds that you believe that there is an answer somewhere on the outside! But the answer really lies within each of you, for you are all participants in creating the future. We cannot stress this enough. You have been taught from birth that the future is planned, or that a power higher than yourselves is creating it for you. This is not the case! You have been given free will and the future will unfold as you intend it. You are the creators, both individually and collectively. In reading this, you may feel overwhelmed, for there are so many people on your planet making decisions that will affect the events to come. You might chose to ask yourself, “But what can I possibly do?” We lovingly say, “You already are doing it!

For every moment that you choose to make life more loving, more connective, more nourishing for yourself and others, you are helping significantly to contribute to the growing wave of higher frequency on the earth. This is wonderful, you see, for it is not the big moments of change that create the greatest change. It is the trillions of individual moments that occur each day in everyone's lives, which offer the greatest possibilities for all life.

Do not be fooled by the physical world and its problems, or the reports in the media or how life is portrayed in movies and television. These are stories that are creating resistance to the change that is wanting to occur in so many hearts around the world. Take heart! For it is the internal voice of change that you can hear within yourself that is leading this shift. It is your intuition that is guiding you to make changes in your inner way of being and your outer way of acting, and this too is occurring through untold numbers of people across the world. You are not alone. Not at all! So we say to you, each day before you arise, set an intention to consciously stand in a state of love, compassion and understanding in each moment that you are awake, and particularly when you find yourself in difficult situations. Life in your world needs more love, compassion and understanding this year than in any of the past few years combined. If you observe the people around you, you will notice there is a splintering occurring in the choices you will see being made. Some people are awakening to new possibilities and intentionally making big changes in their lives, despite the effort and the risks involved.. Others are awakening to the illusions they have been living under and are feeling excited, yet confused and fearful as they are confronted with choices that could dramatically change their lives. Still others are continuing to hold on to the life patterns they have been taught by others, not recognizing the deeper opportunities the changes offer; they fear the future as they watch the old ways unraveling. Others who have power in your world are using it to control and dominate as they make every effort to keep their way of life at the center of all life. They are feeling threatened and thus reacting strongly.

So much energy is being channeled into so many directions! Can you sense this? There is another group we wish to mention as well. That is those who have been on a transformational journey spiritually for some time and have developed a deep anchor within themselves, connected to Source through whatever their journey to Source has been. They see the old patterns of dissolution of the old systems as necessary for the newer higher frequency patterns to emerge. As they experience the swirling energies surrounding them, they can sense that they are being called to be more loving, compassionate and understanding. They have awakened to the connection that all life shares and hold it all as precious and a weaving of complete Unity. Theirs is the Knowing that the consciousness of this Unity is what is being birthed. Growing this internal Knowing within each soul on the planet is paramount to enabling the shift to occur. Every act of love, compassion and understanding then becomes an invitation to others to awaken to the collective whole they are a part of.

All life is evolving at an energetic level. For humanity this is largely occurring through crisis or insight. Drop you eyes from the material world around you and the realm of the mind, and enter ever more deeply into the intuitive, energetic wisdom of your heart. Unlike the mind, the heart is free from the influences of the material world. The more you practice letting your heart lead you, letting your intuitive voice guide you, the more your capacity for love, compassion and understanding will grow and guide you. What will 2022 be like? We offer a world where every heart is filled with love, compassion and understanding. Take heart in 2022. Enter the loving stillness of your own heart. Express the largest vision of Unity you can hold and feed it through the small acts you make each day. The future is filled with light and your personal journey is at the core of its manifestation. Know that untold numbers of transformational “miracles” await you all.

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