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  • Charles Kouns

Nature and Man Are One

It is an intended occurrence that the current upheaval world-wide only occurs in man-made systems and structures. Humanity does not understand that one of the gifts of nature is to serve as a mirror for their conscious evolution. As a mirror, it reflects back to all humans their sets of collective beliefs and where mankind is directing its attentions. If humans were awake to this understanding, they would know they also have the collective energy to alter the reflection in the mirror.

For example, the root of global warming is created by humanity's inner burning of its nervous systems. The more frenetic the internal pace of life, the more things heat up. This internal fire then leads to many negative consequences which are playing out everywhere.

This is an energetic truth: Humanity and nature are not separate.

Just as the heated emotions and the feelings within the mind create problems over the long term within the body, so too do the collective choices of humanity affect the physical world that surrounds them, over the long term. Just as the body - a self-healing field strives to heal the issues arising, so too, does nature. The effects of a global effort by earth to heal herself can appear to be quite frightening to many humans as they do not understand the interwoven completeness of the nature just as they do not understand the interwoven completeness within their own bodies.

Think of the earth as a single cell within the universal body of all beingness. It is filled with organisms of all types, many working together to keep to healthy and thriving. It also contains other organisms that seek to break down its systems unnaturally, thus creating “dis-ease.”

Please understand that earth’s deepest desire is to be a completely healthy cell within the body of the universe. It has free will as well that it can exercise to take creative measures to heal.

But in the choices it makes to heal, humanity also is given the mirror of the effects its way of living on the earth, reflected back to it. In this current period, humanity is being given a chance to exercise its free will and change its collective destructive thoughts, patterns, behaviors in order to help the earth heal herself.

Think of humanity choosing to “distance” itself from its patterns of collective beliefs that are so destructive to all life on earth. This distancing, alone, would provide earth with new choices for healing.

Think of humanity making all of its choices – not to benefit themselves – but to benefit the complete health of all life on earth.

Think of humanity as coming to oneness with the earth’s systems and becoming a completely conscious participant in growing life on the planet from this intention.

Think of humanity knowing it is not in charge of earth’s systems, just as an individual human is not in charge of any other human’s body system, and thus working in conscious alignment with earth to create a thriving environment.

This completes our offering for this day. We bless you for being open to learning to receive our messages.

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