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  • Charles Kouns

Nourishment in the Future

In the field of physical nourishment, there will be a new awareness arising of the delicate balance necessary to create, distribute and offer food for consumption, particularly of those fresh foods which carry the highest nutritional values.

Most people in the powerful nation's of the world live in a state of expectation that their food sources will exist in abundance on the shelves of markets when they arrive to shop. For the first time, a global shortage of foods will be awakening them another reality: that of the plight of many on the earth who have never lived in such a state of abundance. It will also point out to people their complete dependence on a system that is over-stressed, weakened by chemical abuse and producing foods of little value to the human body. It will lead them to ask, "Given the shortage, what are the most important foods I can put into my body during this time of limited supply and how can I get them?" This will become a memory that they will not forget.

Foods rated for high nutritional value will dominate as shoppers will require stores to offer them.

Later, after the crisis has passed , they will be better aware and more consciously active about choosing their foods. This will lead to heavier demands for higher quality food. It will also usher in a new era of inventiveness , where foods will be rated for their nutritional value and the old system of packaged products carrying little value will diminish greatly. The entry into a food store will become a completely different shopping experience as the humans shopping will expect the store to carry much higher quality foods.

Many new processes and delivery methods, storage methods, farming methods will be developed around the concept of delivering high nutritional food. Many, many more people will come to know the energetic and mineral, and other usually hidden values of the food they are putting into their bodies with every bite. A new gratitude and appreciation for health will arise from this.

Great possibilities exist for humans to significantly alter their entire pattern of health through the new awareness that is going to be created. Mass production will be replaced by mass nutritional value as a focus, delivering to an entire world the foods that are the very best for their bodies.

Making the choice to put higher value foods into their bodies or living amidst a cultural revolution where this priority is happening around them will lead humans face to face with their emotional traumas, deeply grooved patterns of negative behavior, and belief systems founded in a lack of education and understanding about their bodies. In choosing to nourish themselves physically, they will also come to choose to release and heal the personal issues which have led to so much poisoning of their physical system.

New discoveries and offerings will be made in the energetics of health and particularly the relationship between mental dis-ease and physical dis-ease. Feeding oneself will not be just about food, but about nourishment beginning with the energetic body and delivering it through to the physical body. We will deliver more on this at another time.

For now, our blessings on your intention to serve in this new capacity.

Photo by Charles Kouns

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