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  • Charles Kouns

The Natural Way To Hold A Child's Presence

It is time to emerge a more natural way of holding a child’s presence on the earth. The previous way, developed through rational analysis and observation combined with a vision rooted in religious principles, has not served the health and vitality of life on earth. This natural way of holding a child’s presence begins with recognizing and knowing why souls agree to incarnate on the earth. It is not to propagate the species, further lineages, create paths for the inheritance of wealth, or simply for two beings to have a child they can love. These are all limited views that stem from the old system. The question to divine the answer to and what you must come to collectively agree on is, “Why does a soul incarnate on the earth?” This requires much contemplation and listening. Suffice it to say it is a sacred act, one to be celebrated and cherished, but for very different reasons than is believed by most of humanity today. If humanity were to hold each and every child as a sacred being, then this question would arise, “How do we create a complete, whole social system in which every child can thrive?” If it does not include every child, then society is not holding the lives of children as sacred. It is creating separation, saying some are sacred and others are not. If humanity held that the children incarnating needed nurturing as sacred beings from their creation and birth all the way to their adulthood, then life on the planet and into the future would be completely new with many more possibilities for all life. To hold this sacredness would also mean that the adults creating the family and those creating and holding community around them would be in a journey of transformation themselves. Everyone would be in learning, rather than in knowing what is best and telling children the answers. Listening would be greatly practiced. All members of a community would then be involved in an unfolding of what it means to create sacred society for the emergence of all of its children. This would call forth deep courage and willingness to challenge and release judgments, angers, hurts, and structural complacency (repeating the old, over and over), so that healing and growth could occur. At the heart of this would be a movement away from disconnection and separation into oneness and harmony, holding all members of society, regardless of previously held beliefs, as conscious beings capable of birthing together a sacred society. Children are the way to this for they are the universal path to the heart. When the heart opens, the bindings that have existed for so long cannot survive. They must fall away. This is not just about building the sacred for the children. It is also about building the sacred with the children, for they hold the wisdom, innocence, and clarity of vision to speak the truth and lead those who listen into love and unity. This is their natural state. Their inclusion is necessary to the process. So, we would like to suggest that you spend significant time envisioning a society that holds all children as sacred souls incarnated in human bodies. Open your hearts to understanding the current collective agreements around children, particularly the ones that do not serve their higher good. Ask yourself, “How large is my circle for children? What is my invitation to them? Do I hold them all as sacred beings or just a few or none at all?” The more you honor and listen to their wisdom and their truthfulness, the greater the possibilities for children everywhere on the planet to exist as nourished and thriving beings. This entry has also been published in Letters From the Enlightenment Zone

Painting, The Circle Game, by Rachel Gillen,

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