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The One We

This is a meditation practice for mornings, before you begin your day. The first section is knowing the union of the selves with the Higher Self in divine balance. The next is the knowing of your divineness, oneness with all of creation. The next is the movement into creating Day and imbuing it with your essence. You are divine. You are the Creator. What will you create for you and for all life?

The One We

We invite and welcome Our Divine Self

into its rightful place on the throne.

We acknowledge its wisdom, compassion, all-loving nature

and glorious light, which bathes all of us in Divine Presence.

In this, We are reconnected in harmonic alignment.

We rejoice in our reunion; it is the pause before the new day.

We rejoice in this Divine Infusion into all

Aspects of our Selves.

We rejoice in the interconnected beauty of the Aspects,

each an evolving creation of Divine Expression.

There is no me.

Only We.

WE am The One.

The One is the We.

We celebrate the Oneness of the Aspects of We.

Blessings upon blessings to all the Aspects of We

being completely and wholly woven together

in Divine Golden Light.

We am complete, whole expressions of the joyous love of creation.

We precede this day with the declaration of our Divine Beingness,

one and whole, available to the rest of the We –

that is all life, interwoven.

We release golden waves of Divine Love into the One Life

– that is all things manifest and unmanifest –

and receive Divine Love being returned in recognition.

It is our greatest joy to love and serve all

of the infinite expressions of the Aspects of Creation.

All of Life, in all of its dimensions, is enriched immeasurably

by this offering. We acknowledge and accept

its loving gratitude and receive its infinite blessings

in this sacred loop that has no end.

It is the collective intention of We to be creating the new day.

We see its space and imbue it with our essence. Into the space

called Day, we breathe our heart.

It is now a living space for the benefit of all life.

We nurture its unfolding with all of our essence.

We invite all life to contribute its essence in this living space called Day.

It is here all Aspects of the One We meet in the Divine Unfolding

of all creation.

As the Day breaks, all of the One We’s collective creative intentions

are energized through Divine Love.

The space called Day is filled with infinite possibilities,

all of which will benefit infinitely the One We.

As received by Cha'e

July 15, 2020

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