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  • Charles Kouns

The Pause for a New Intention

All over the world, plans that were being made, goals that had been set, strategies being executed, are now on hold due to the virus. This period of waiting, of seclusion and separation has greatly reduced "doing". Doing has long been held as a higher priority (by almost all of humanity) than being.

Think of most efforts to "do" as that of human will creating and moving forward very limited agendas that do not originate from holding the whole, but from advancing the desires of a few. If you feel into that energy, it it offers vibratory qualities that are manipulative, forceful, desperate, grasping, self-promoting, clutching, etc. These offerings often come from pain, loss, grief and despair to name a few.

This "doing" is happening all over the world 24 hours a day and with the aid of technology is occurring at unprecedented speeds. Thus, the virus, and its spread is a reflection of how humanity's goals, plans, and ideas are spreading at unprecedented rates across the world. The energy of doing has been greatly accelerated.

Right now, much of that energy of doing has been paused for a moment – a special moment – in which humans can ask themselves:

• What am I serving through this doing?

• Does this doing I am engaged in actually bring life and nourishment to me, my family, the planet?

• Who am I being in the process of this doing?

• What or whose agenda am I serving?

• What is beneath the energy of what I am doing?

• What are these plans I'm birthing today and how will they benefit and serve the generations to come?

These are multi-layered questions that require courage and openness to explore. They also require the time to focus on them. Humanity has been given just such a time.

This exploration can bring about great fear and doubt, for when a human begins to see into their "doings", while they may want to change them - they will find the systems that feed and support their life only reinforce the same old patterns. Thus, many will find themselves at a loss as to how to stop doing the pattern repetition, the damage, the separation from life energy. They may experience a strong urgency to immediately change even though it would create great hardship an themselves and others.

We want you to hear that what is enough to "do" is:

• Do the reflective work of listening and sensing and answering these questions as well as others that arrive. Do not be afraid, the answers will serve you and others.

• Stay calm and grounded, realizing that the old way of "doing" is not required and any fear you may be holding can be released in the moments of grounding.

• Declare a new intention for who you want to be and how you want to show up in the world. This may be a slight adjustment to your current way of living or a radical new approach. Write your intention down and read it several times a day.

This will set into motion incredible energy for change and time is not a factor, for it could occur in the physical plane immediately or later on, but energetically, it is occurring. What is important to know is, that it will come to fullness.

Each day then, becomes a practice in affirming the intention, in listening to it, allowing it to speak and open new understandings. Creating an intimate relationship with the intention will allow for a greater sense of being as well as serve as a strengthening of "the knowing" that it is already at work on many levels in a person's life and it will occur. It will also begin to alter choices that a person has made or makes, for they are being led by the intention and not lower frequency desires.

When this paused moment has passed, the temptation will be to rush back to the same patterns and doings without a change in consciousness. This is altogether a possibility, however, of the inner heart is asking for something different, then listening and opening a conversation with it offers great possibility for change to occur. In some cases, those who are holding new intentions can continue to stand in them even while they return to the life they had previously created.

Every human who begins this process is offering to receive benefit from this moment and giving great benefit to all life on the planet.

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