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Time to Sing: Releasing the Old Belief Systems

One of the most difficult aspects of the shift that is occurring is the releasing of the old belief systems by humanity. A major issue that is and will create a great hindrance to the unfolding is disbelief. In particular, a disbelief that the vision for the new future, that resides in a human's heart or in humanity's collective heart, will actually come about. This is like an acid eating away at the edges of the totality of the wonder occurring.

Despite their relatively short time on the planet, human beings carry a level of defeat, depression, distrust in each other to create a new world, that is disproportionate to their life experience. This is because they also have cellular memory of past life experiences. The feeling this evokes is much like pushing a boulder up a steep incline, where the exhaustion and defeat from trying are overwhelming.

In culture after culture, generation after generation, this belief that life has always been and will always be a certain way has been perpetuated. These beliefs have been woven into a collective certainty that feels either very comfortable or overwhelming to change.

During this transition, it is important for you all to recognize this and become vigilant in your practices to break this pattern. This is old, deeply rutted energy that has been building for many centuries. However, despite the length of time, it is only as powerful a voice as it is given attention. You can break the pattern.

It is most easily broken by directing energy in a different direction - in the direction of the vision for a new world pattern.

In meditation, either sitting or standing, ask your heart to reveal the world as it believes it should be manifested. Spend time listening and opening to what it has to say, as if you were holding up a precious jewel and examining its many facets. As various aspects are revealed, notice the emotions, inner language and energetic stance you take toward it.

This is the moment where the old patterns can be released and not allowed to claim a hold on you any longer. Just notice, without anger, judgement, blame or other hook-like energies, what your heart is saying.

Then ask yourself, "Do I want to continue to see life unfold as it is or do I wish to see the birth of this new vision in my heart here on earth? There is no need to entertain the doubts that might arise. Just answer the question simply and honestly. Is the vision in my heart calling you?

Stay present to the vision and allow it to fill you within. Some days will be easier than others. Let the energy it creates within you grow and it will shift the negative belief system without any other effort if you do this on a regular basis.

Soon enough you will feel a new voice, with a new confidence - as if you were watching a beautiful plant mature - within you.

Another help is to decrease the amount of access you give external voices that carry doubt and fear and increase your time with kindred spirits who more share your vision and freely offer it to you. This will feed new possibilities for your own vision, just as elements of your vision will feed others. Be kind to yourself in this process. You are breaking a very old, very established pattern.

Try creating a short mantra you can recite over and over, such "I believe the unbelievable," or "My vision is my reality," or a phrase that you feel connects to your inner vision and helps you stand more grounded within it.

Each day that this your new belief system dominates creates more more room for the vision to grow both inside yourself and all across the earth. Be courageous. We are there beside you. We are sending energy to support you. You are the light of the new world.

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