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  • Charles Kouns

What Size is Your Circle?

Privilege is another word for access. It is a concept for manipulation of the ego. The creation of a society based on privilege creates a hierarchical ladder that people believe or are led to believe they must climb to be accepted or to have an easier life.

Privilege, however, is deeply at the core of much of humanity’s problems, particularly in highly developed countries. Marketers have spent billions of dollars over many, many years to weave privilege into the fabric of everyday life. And prior to that, it was woven into class structures that separated the few from the many.

When you live in a society so deeply rooted in privilege, you are involved in a funneling situation in which many gather but few actually pass through. It creates friction, jostling, compression, and maneuvering, and generally brings out the shadow. Society becomes bottlenecked as so many try to squeeze into a place held by very few.

Today, access to healthcare, access to money, access to higher paying jobs, access to education, access to comfortable travel, access to homes, access to safer neighborhoods, access to higher levels of government, are all restrictive as a result of the system of privilege. Society becomes inverted and this inversion squeezes the very life out of communities. Can you see this?

This is a concept of separation. It creates energies of shame, anger, frustration, distress, worry, to name just a few. Eventually it creates eruptions that force those privileged in society to look at the inequities in the system. All too often their response is to look at ways to open the gap just enough for a few more to pass through.

So we ask you this question, beloved ones: What size is your circle?

This is a question before all of humanity today.

Is it the tiny size at the end of the funnel? Is your circle comprised of people who are just like you? Or is it constantly expanding to include people from all walks of life?

How many people have you invited into your circle recently?

How do you hold all of those who are not in your circle? Are they invisible? Are they seen as less than? Are they forgotten? Do they simply not matter? Have you left them to fend for themselves? Do you contribute to causes and then forget about those who your money is helping? We ask you again, what size is your circle?

Do you have a practice of growing your ability to hold others? We are not speaking of a physical practice, but an energetic one. It is possible to hold many millions more people than you can actually be with. This is the beginning of healing societies based in privilege.

Let us listen to the question of “What size is your circle.” Take a few moments to settle in and go into silence. Open your heart and ask to see the size of your circle. As you have a good heart, just be with whatever answer arises.

If you judge or move into blame, that does not serve you. Allow these to slip away without grasping hold of them. Stay quiet and listen for the present moment answer, nothing more. You may feel stories emerging in your heart of how you have played a role in separating society’s members. Just let the stories play and learn from the feelings they generate. Keep opening to what emerges. Stay in learning. Continue following any questions that arise until you feel you have a satisfied sense of clarity.

If you find there is room to increase the size of your circle, set an intention to do so. Even if you have no idea how to do it, just creating the intention opens many new possibilities. You don’t have to rush out and do anything physically. Instead, make it a daily practice to spend a few minutes with your intention to increase the size of your circle.

This will lead to untold possibilities.

This entry has also been published in Letters From the Enlightenment Zone

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