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  • Charles Kouns

Your Future: Which Potential Will You Choose?

Beloved Ones,

What do you see as you look toward your future? Does it feel unlimited, a great adventure? Does it feel unknown and uncertain? Do you think of your future in terms of doing, accomplishing, goals? Do you ever think about who you will be becoming?

Consider that your future is filled with potentials. That is all the future is: potentials waiting to serve your highest good. Just as you are granted and guaranteed free will, the potentials for your life are unlimited possibilities, and all are for your highest good. You are not used to thinking this way, but it is so important to understand this. Is it not a beautiful surprise that all of the potentials for your life exist for your highest good?

To understand the magnitude of this, please imagine a beautiful building the size of a city block, many levels high. Inside, this building is filled with shelves and on the shelves are millions of glass jars, each holding a single energetic possibility for your life’s highest good. Using your free will, you have the choice as to which potential is selected for the next moment of your life. Now let us say that on one particular day, you are trying to decide whether to go visit your family who live halfway across the country. Because of the COVID virus, you choose not to fly because you do not want to expose yourself and your family to the potential of getting the virus. As a result of not flying, imagine a section of the glass jars extinguishing instantly, for those choices or potentials are no longer relevant to your chosen future. You decide you will drive, even though it will take two days. This means that innumerable potential outcomes are possible. The way you think, feel, and believe things might happen will affect your next set of choices. Let’s say you do not have the best vehicle to drive and you are fearful that it will break down. The energy of fear now colors your choices, but the experiences that follow will still serve your highest good. Why do you think it is like this? If you are in fear, you activate the potential for the car to break down so that you can learn from the experience! Your highest good is to be free from fear. Fear always limits your possibilities and life wants you to live in freedom. Back to our analogy, with fear leading the way, a section of shelves holding the potentials of what might happen when your car breaks down really lights up! Do you see now how what you think, feel, and believe affects your free will and how your free will choices then affect the potential outcomes in your life? In fact, everything you think, feel, and believe affects the potentials of your life.

You are the creator! Let us say this again, you are the creator!

Every time you exercise your free will (which, by the way, includes allowing others to make decisions for you), an entirely new set of potentials is created. As everything is energy, these energetic potentials then reset based on each choice. Your experience of your choices influences your next set of choices and gradually you come to see the connections between thoughts, feelings, beliefs and the choices you make—and the connections between the choices you make and the experiences you have, all for your highest good.

Such love surrounds you at every moment! The future of your life, then, exists in a state of more! Not more wealth, more goods, bigger houses—although those could be outcomes of choices—but instead a future of energetic more—more richness of experience for your highest good. As you are an eternal being choosing to incarnate, think of it as Morever! More growth, more healing, more wisdom, more compassion, more love, more light, more freedom. These are the gifts of the potentials awaiting you. What form they arrive in is of little consequence at the energetic level. No matter the form, everything that arrives in your life is for your highest good. Can you see this? Let’s say you and your partner have just bought a large tract of land and you are holding the intention to care for it with all of your heart and energy. As you are speaking about the changes this is creating in your life, you recognize you will need a four-wheel-drive vehicle to help you take care of the land. Your partner states that their dream has always been to have a bright yellow four-wheel-drive vehicle of a certain make. You both laugh about it because it seems such a specific thing to be wanting. Then you go to bed, thinking nothing more of it. The next morning you awake with a toothache. It’s so bad you go to see the dentist. During the chitchat at the end of the visit, your dentist tells you she is selling her four-wheel-drive vehicle and that it is bright yellow and the exact make your partner specified. You buy it right on the spot! Now you get the thrill of going home and surprising your partner with the news. But understand, the joy is not from the form. It is from the alignment between your intention and what is delivered to you by life. The form is the manifestation for your highest good, for now you have more wisdom about how the process of growth and learning works at the energetic level.

There is no set future outcome. It is important to see this. The future is yours to create through your free will. What does exist for your future are untold potentials that are affected by how you think, feel, and believe. Look back and study events in your past to see how your future was affected by the choices you made. Spend time with this! Now ponder your relationship to your future. What is your vision for it? How do you, the creator, wish it to unfold? The potentials for your life are always for your highest good. There is nothing to fear. You are loved beyond measure. Everything is an offering in love. Can you feel this connection?

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