Our expressed intention to live in partnership with the living systems that are the land, water, plants, and animals here has led us to hold the following questions:



How do we co-create our existence here in alignment with the ancient patterns of life?


What do the living beings here have to teach us and how can we learn to discern their teachings?



How do we help heal the damage created by previous human use and abuse?



How do we build a lifestyle that is in keeping with what is most natural within us and so help restore an original vibrancy to the natural world around us?



How do we create dwellings and an infrastructure that are attuned to the breath of the living systems that live under, over and around us?


How do we invite others to share in this sacred place in order to let it work within their lives?



Much of this website is an accounting of our learning journey. We invite you into this dynamic, unfolding story and to walk with us by adding your insights,  contributions, suggestions at any step along the way.