Stella Humphries and Charles Kouns have been exploring sacred connections with the Divine, nature, people and each other through the lens of energetics for more than a decade. They are particularly gifted in illuminating for others, the powerful energy exchanges occurring between people, which mostly remain hidden because we have been taught to see relationships in the physical.


Greater awareness of the qualities and movements of energy that we constantly express and share, leads to greater capacity to make choices in support of healing and creating richer, more nourishing connections.


The foundation for their exploration is recently sourced material which they have applied in their personal lives and which now forms the basis of their professional transformational work with individuals, groups and organizations.  They have a particular emphasis with couples.

In 2016, they also the co-founded Butterfly Farm Sanctuary, in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina where they are evolving their co-creative vision in a spiritual retreat center.