The Consciousness of Money

Intensive Retreat

Join Us June 6 - 9


For the past year, Stella and I have been exploring our relationship to money with Sarah McCrum and Jeff VanderClute.  We have been profoundly moved by their wisdom, insight and loving guidance for how to shift out of long-held beliefs, patterns and habits and create an entirely new relationship with money.  We respect and love their work enough to bring them from Australia and the Pacific Northwest here to share their revolutionary  understanding. 

Your Hosts and Creators:

Sarah, Niko and Jeff


Straight Facts 


Thur. June 6 to Sun. June 9


Butterfly Farm Sanctuary 

88 Steel Bridge Road

Canton, NC 28716

(just 40 minutes from Asheville)


Lake Logan Conference Center

Wormy Chestnut Lane

Canton, NC 28716


Lake Logan offers a 3-meals a day plan (they will pack your lunch for you!) and caters to all dietary restrictions with advance notice)


All food brought to or served at Butterfly Farm must be vegetarian

Registration Fee

$1,600 (to be paid separately from lodging

Discover the sheer joy of interacting with an energy that’s alive and loving.


The Consciousness of Money experience is a 3-day journey of discovery, healing and growth into a wholly new perspective and relationship with the energy of money. This is your opportunity to be gently and joyfully guided through an exploration of what you believe and how you behave around money.


During The Consciousness of Money, you will discover your personal way to interact with money’s profound nature of joy, generosity and multi-dimensionality.  You will directly experience money speaking the language of love to you, as it does with every human being who opens to this extraordinary connection. 


You also will be introduced to the revolutionary understanding and experiences with the energy of money, which Sarah also describes in her book, Love Money, Money Loves You

Participants have gone on to create big and small tangible results - new sources of income, bills getting paid, major investors being found, beautiful businesses being nurtured and a lot of financial pain being eased. To read much more about this loving, heart-opening intensive retreat:

Watch Co-founder Sarah McCrum Speak about Consciousness of Money

"It's an extraordinary experience. A revelation for me was that my understanding of money was prejudicing me from having it in the abundance I needed to do the work that money could facilitate. Sarah, Jeff and Niko loved me and challenged me to go to the root of the problem. I hope you have an experience as powerful as I did."

Richard Geer

Founder, Story Bridge

Durango, Colorado

"Your Consciousness of Money retreat provided an experience that has been like no other business conference/retreat. It provided the environment to reflect, really have time for self and address issues that need to be addressed to live a far more fulfilling life.Once again thank you for a life changing weekend."

Matt Murphy

Melbourne, Australia

About Your Meeting Space at Butterfly Farm Sanctuary

Butterfly Farm Sanctuary is an intimate 22-acre retreat center nestled in the Smokey Mountains near Asheville, NC. Everyone who is drawn will find a warm and nurturing landscape for resting, visioning, creating, and healing all that has been occurring in their lives. 


The indoor meeting space (sans furniture!)


Outdoor meeting space 

About the Accommodations at Beautiful Lake Logan

We have a limited number of beautiful rooms reserved at Lake Logan Conference Center, just one mile from Butterfly Farm! Click here to learn about these wonderful accommodations

"I came here with a deep desire to really move my business forward in ways that I felt I was very blocked in. Not only do I feel I've come away with that, but also I've made some huge shifts within myself, which are very intricately connected to my business." 

Michelle Monk

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