The Millennial Gathering is not about what anyone else thinks or cares about or wants you to believe, or accept.  It is completely about what is in the hearts of you and your fellow participants who are called to attend.  The weekend will begin with creating connection with each other - a theme that will grow deeper and more meaningful to you throughout the three days. From there it will move into listening from within and hearing your inner voice, the wisdom and intuitive knowledge that you carry - and learning to act from that voice. 
The weekend will then shift toward taking your inner voice outward  and beginning a new adventure -- that of being the seed carrier, the awakener for this millennium. Then, on the final day, working together, you will co-create and produce a new vision for future life.  There will be a closing ceremony in which you -- the seed carriers of the future -- will release back to your homes where the new beginnings you carry from your new found vision will begin to root and grow.
You will not be alone.  Upon completing the weekend, you will have access to the Illumined community, who will love and care for you, who will seek to help and support you and for whom you will want to do the same. IT IS YOUR TIME!

It is important that you stay from the beginning until the end of The Millennial Gathering.  Every day deepens into the other and the culmination on Sunday will be deeply affected if you are absent. We will try and end at noon so you can make connecting flights or drive to your homes in a few hours.



Provisional Flowline


Thursday, August 15


Opening the Connection


3:00 PM               Check-in at Butterfly Farm (please try to arrive in time for dinner at 6)

6:00 PM               Welcome Dinner*

8:00 PM               Opening Circle

*all dinners will be taken together as part of the weekend experience

Friday, August 16


Play In A Day - Expressing The Millennial Journey 


  7:00 AM             Silent Nature Walk (listening within)**

  8:00 AM             Breakfast

  8:45 AM             Opening the Circle...The Millennial Story - person by person

11:00 AM              Break

11:15 AM               You Are The Awakeners

12:30 PM              Lunch, Free Time Reflection and Pondering

  2:00 PM              Play Selections (4 to 8 personal stories will be turned into plays) - work on plays

  6:00 PM              Dinner together

  7:00 PM              Play Performances

  9:00 PM              Fire Ceremony preparation 

  8:00 PM              Fire Ceremony - Releasing Blocks to Freedom


** Optional

Saturday, August 17


Into the Unknown: The Adventure Begins With a New Voice


  7:00 AM              Ecstatic Dance**

  8:00 AM              Breakfast

  8:45 AM              Opening Circle

  9:30 AM              Introduction to Open Space 

10:00 AM              Bathroom Break

10:15 PM              Group Facilitated Sharings

12:30 PM              Lunch and Free Time

  3:30 PM              Group Facilitated Sharings

  5:30 PM              Open Space Closing Circle

  6:00 PM              Dinner

  8:00 PM              Extemporaneous Expression of Gifts

** Optional

Sunday, August18


Masters of Creation: Seeding The Future From Within


  7:00 AM              Deep Meditation in preparation for Visioning**

  8:00 AM              Silent Breakfast

  9:00 AM              Opening Circle

                                 Group Vocal Harmonizing

  9:30 PM              Co-Creating a New Vision

12:30 PM              Closing Ceremony

  1:30 PM               Individual lunch & check-out***


** Optional

*** After checkout, you are welcome to enjoy the property until its time to leave.

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